Our Story

In 1960, Ken Clausen opened up a Shakey’s Pizza Parlor in Fullerton, California. Little did the Clausen family know, but this was the start of over 60 years of monumental growth.

Our Roots

While the Clausen family did go on to open many other successful Shakey’s locations in the area, we opportunistically invested in real estate within the communities in which we operated. From retail shopping centers, to self-storage facilities, to multi-family apartments, we applied the same discipline over the generations, deploying capital across various categories of real estate.

From our humble beginnings as a family-owned restaurant, to a real estate Family Office, we have always had one common goal: to maintain the Patient Capital approach. This approach allows us to pursue growth plans and make strategic decisions solely in the best interests of the companies and assets in which we invest.

Our Portfolio Filters

All of our investments undergo rigorous due diligence to ensure they align with our Mission and Goals, and we use the following Portfolio Filters to guide us:

Meet Our Team

Craig Clausen

Chairman & CEO

Charles Albano


David Cessna


Tom Baumann

Asset Manager

Andy Smith

Board Member

Lee Froschheiser

Board Member

Bob Sattler

Board Member

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