A Legacy of

Family Innovation and Entrepreneurial Passion

Clausen Enterprises is a Single-Family Office established in 1960 with deep roots in the Shakey’s pizza franchise. Our Mission is clear, we create value through Patient Capital investments, aligned towards generational stewardship for the Clausen family and its stakeholders.

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Patient Capital

Since starting out as the very first Shakey’s Pizza Franchisee in the early 60’s and growing to well over 20+ restaurants, Clausen Enterprises has invested opportunistically in real estate. Our investment philosophy is rigorously centered on aligning interest and the virtues of “Patient Capital”. Today, Clausen Enterprises operates a diversified portfolio of real estate assets throughout California, Idaho, Colorado and North Carolina.

Clausen Enterprises regularly seeks new investment opportunities. We are a Family Office, not a private equity fund, so we invest our own capital and have the ability to own an asset indefinitely. This Patient Capital approach allows us to pursue growth opportunities and make strategic decisions solely in the best interests of the assets in which
we invest.

Our Story

Maximizing Value Across Various Industries

Clausen Enterprises makes direct and sponsored investments in real estate assets across specific product types.
The following are select portfolio highlights:

We’re Committed to Giving with a Purpose

We have a deep love for the communities in which we operate and want to see them succeed—which includes giving through our Clausen Family Foundation. We look for passionate organizations in order to give them a hand-up through grants so that we can help foster and preserve the same spirit that got us started.


Building On a
 History of Progress

  • A reputation of longevity and trust as a second-generation, family-owned business
  • Unique market knowledge and superior market value
  • A diverse portfolio across a range of industries and geographic areas
  • Discipline-focused long term “Patient Capital” investment strategy

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